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My coaching life spans twenty-five years, hundreds of people, and many countries.

Health and wellness strategies from a life-long coach, professional race car driver, competitive dancer, business woman, and mother.

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Welcome to withjenlee.com

Hi! I’m Jennifer Lee, and amongst many things, I’m an advocate for mental health and personal well-being. This is something I have always been passionate about which led me to the post graduate wellness coaching program at Humber College.

To start my introduction, I should say that I learned to identify and fix performance issues in high-level athletes through a successful coaching career.

As an accomplished professional dancer, I learned how to cope with the stress of such a high-performance industry as the dance world. As a businesswoman and a mother, I put all these skills together to ensure my success.

I’m not here to give you parenting or business advice – but I would be happy to share my experience and perspective with you. Nor do I intend on being your therapist. Instead, I’m here to help you cope with the pressures life puts on you. I share my story with you in hopes of helping you procure the resources you need and utilize the ones you already have.

Jen Lee as a Mother-to-be
Becoming a mother
My First Baby
With my first daughter
About Jen Lee

About Jen Lee

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