Recovery and The Car-Racing World

From Past to Present, part 4: My experience of recovery and the car-racing world

I spent the next year and a half doing physiotherapy 4-5 days per week. I had trouble doing daily functions for the first few months as I was right-handed. I needed to learn how to use my other hand. I couldn’t brush my hair or teeth, shave my legs, put on makeup, write, cut with a knife and fork, etc…

I never realized how much of a struggle it was going to be. My friends were really supportive and always tried to keep me going.

Recovery and The Car Racing World
Recovery after the accident

It had been a few months into physiotherapy, and I could move my hand enough to move the gear shifter in my car, which meant I could start driving again.

My friends decided to take me drag racing.

It was something new that I had never done before. After my first run, I was hooked! My love affair with racing was just starting. I was suffering from pain and physical limitations, but racing gave me a moment where I could forget about it all and be truly in the moment.

My love turned into an obsession.

I was going every weekend and started to make modifications to my car. It began with a cold air intake and a body kit that led to an engine swap, a turbocharger, and it kept going.

Jen Lee: Recovery and The Car Racing World
Car Racing: An Obsession

My street car was barely a street car anymore.

I started attending street races and loved the adrenaline rush. It felt like I was returning back to my happy self. A few articles were written about me as an amateur drag racer in the sport compact world.

I received sponsorships from companies that, in return, I allowed to advertise and placed decos on the car. I ended up winning the amateur season.

I was having the time of my life.

I went with some of my fellow racers to a car show called SEMA held in Vegas every year. There is where I met Heather from Venom racing. By the time I left Las Vegas, I was hired, becoming a professional race car driver. I would participate in the NOPI race series NDRA and NCRA events. I would be attending these events almost every weekend, and they were all over the USA, from east coast to west coast.

When I came back to Canada, I bought a car trailer and a pickup truck and drove to California to pick up my new race car. I was living the dream. Although I was still struggling with my recovery from the car accident, I had a fresh take on life.

I was coaching and racing. Things were going all right.

With Jen Lee

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